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World's Best Motion Control For Your Application Only

Whether your product has 1 or 30 motors, it deserves industry-leading motor control. Save precious resources and optimize product development with custom motor and motion control solutions. At Trinamic Customs, your success is our success.

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Tailor-Made Solutions for Motion and Motor Control

Get the tailor-made board-level solution you need to turn your vision reality. Current, connectors, protocols, specific IP, firmware, form-factor... anything's possible. By transforming digital information into precise physical motion, Trinamic makes previously infeasible applications possible so you can be the market leader.

Modified or Custom?

Minimize development time and risk by using Trinamic’s building blocks. Proven in many industries ranging from collaborative robots to advanced prosthetic solutions and from medical to space, they give you the head-start you need.

Whether you need a standard module modified, a custom build from the ground up, or a miniaturized SiP solution, you’ve come to the right place. Benefit from Trinamic’s leadership to change the course of your industry today.

How Does It Work?

There’s not much to it. Trinamic takes the lead so you can focus on your core expertise instead.


Trinamic’s dedicated team of Engineers leads the discussion on specifications based on your input and proposes the best solution and cost estimate.


Both hardware and firmware will be created to ensure the best performance possible, based on Trinamic’s proven IP and hardware building blocks.


After internal testing by Trinamic’s experts, the prototypes will be handed to you for validation, making sure it meets the requirements and fits right into your device.


Experience the best quality and supply chain network ensuring your smooth production flow. Enjoy having the world’s best motion control solution for your application.

Start Building

At Trinamic Customs, your success is our success. Our team of dedicated Engineers is ready to build the perfect solution custom-made to fit your application.

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Save Time

You will always receive a reply to your initial request within one working day. After determining the specifications, you will receive a quote within one week, even for a completely custom module. Prototyping starts next. By using verified building blocks, time is kept to a minimum and typical R&D bottlenecks are bypassed with decades of experience in motor and motion control.

Save Money

Throughout the process, Trinamic keeps ownership to reduce your risk and overhead cost. There are no NRE costs involved and you will be quoted a rather accurate price estimate for prototype, pre-series, and series production once the specifications have been discussed. This price includes Trinamic’s longevity promise. In return, you get the exclusive rights to the perfect solution turning your vision reality.

Save Risk

While you enjoy the exclusive rights to your solution, Trinamic keeps ownership to ensure compliance and longevity. With extensive experience in demanding markets such as medical and space, Trinamic knows how important it is for customers to guarantee productivity of 10+ years. Moreover, legal fail-safes such as ESCROW agreements can be set up to ensure production in case Trinamic gets attacked by meteorites.

Why Trinamic?

At Trinamic, we believe that everybody should be able to transform digital information into precise physical motion so previously infeasible use cases suddenly become possible, driving the 4th Industrial Revolution further.

Our solutions are the key that turns your vision reality. It’s what shapes industries and keeps pushing the envelope.

Decades of Experience

Trinamic’s long history has taught them how to blend proprietary software and hardware components to optimize performance, drive miniaturization, and turn key motor characteristics into competitive advantages for your devices.

Longevity Promise

Inherent to Trinamic’s DNA, product-lifetime support is included in your exclusive motion control solution. If any of the carefully selected components used reaches their end of life, Trinamic will replace it for you with the primary goal of copy-exactly.  Free of charge.


Using battle-tested building blocks such as own IP, schematics, and components, Trinamic cuts down both development cost, time, and risk.

Highest Quality

Trinamic’s Quality Management is ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certified, testifying to their commitment to deliver only the highest quality.

Reliable Partners

A global network of reliable partners and suppliers guarantees Trinamic's strong supply chain, including just-in-time delivery and warehouse solutions.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Trinamic Customs

Enabling the Future of Prosthetics With Össur

"We are driven by improving people’s mobility. This has taken us to be the world’s only company building motorized prosthetics for above-knee amputees. Having Trinamic as a partner for the motor and motion control allows us to go even further and make motorized limbs more accessible." - David Langlois (Technical Product Lead – Knees, Össur)

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Providing Maximum Freedom to Experiment With KUKA

Introduced in 2010, the KUKA youBot serves as a reference platform for researchers world-wide and has bootstrapped application development and increased technology transfer from academia to industry significantly.

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Tailor-Made Solution for Visionix' Ophthalmic Device

For Visionix, developing world-leading medical applications  on the human eye is the number 1 goal. Making sure their engineers have the freedom to do so, they turned to Trinamic for a complete motion control solution.

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